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curriculum vitae


personal data


Flávio Raffaelli Fonseca, 27 years old



academic background

[2013 ] Bachelor Degree in Architecture and Urbanism. University of São Paulo. Brazil
[2011/12] Master in Design and Architecture. Politecnico di Milano. Italy




AutoCAD — SketchUp — Revit
Adobe Premiere CC [Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Illustrator]

Microsoft Word — Excel — Keynote — Powerpoint — 





English — Fluent

Portuguese — Fluent

Italian — Fluent

French — Basic

Spanish —Advanced


professional experience

[2015-2016] Keenwork Design Studio. Arch. Dept. Chief

[2014] Voga Design Studio. Architect Associate

[2013] Fazemosarquitetura. Architect Trainee

[2012] Gustavo Calazans. Architect Intern

[2011] Revista Offline. Magazine. Graphic Design Intern
[2010] Città Arquitetura. Architect Intern
[2010] Sete43. Salvador; Bahia. Architect Intern


independent projects


[2012-Now] MOVA. Participate Collective of urban interventions.

[2013] Expofau. Didatical experiments
[2012] 5Terre Collective. Audiovisual. Milan

[2010] Expofau. Expography.




[2014] Innovators with Norman Foster. AIA Center of Architecture. New York.

[2013] Cinema, Architecture & City, with Nelson Brissac. MIS-SP

[2012] Cenography. Politecnico di Milano
[2012] Museography. Politecnico di Milano
[2012] Art Direction & Copywriter. Politecnico di Milano

[2011] Furniture Design. Politecnico di Milano[2011] Photo

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